Workplace safety

As the safety of our people is of the utmost importance to us, we continuously improve our work by building a culture of safety for our people, our customers and our suppliers where all can feel empowered to do their part.

Diversity & Inclusion

We are proud to have a diverse entry-level workforce and are working to advance equitable representation, opportunities and pay across all parts of the company as they continue to grow together with us in their careers.

Improving wellbeing in the workplace

As the safety of our people is of the utmost importance to us, we continuously improve our work around safety matters. This includes training for our store employees and building a culture of safety for our people, our customers and our suppliers where all can feel empowered to do their part every day while safe at work.

Ambition 2030

Zero harm

for people, customers, employees and suppliers

Michael Sandberg

Global Head of HSE & Sustainability and Workstream Leader for Workplace Safety

Our most important task as an employer is to protect our team members from any harm at work. Everyone shall be able to recognize our efforts to contribute to the wellbeing and safeguard of team members, customers and partners.

Increased commitment to workplace safety as key priority Increased commitment to workplace safety as key priority

We have decreased robberies by 20% and notably brought down the number of other recordablework-related injuries. With our long-term ambition of zero harm, we have taken further steps to identify and set clear roadmap to ensure that our employees feel they can count on us for health and safety at work. We are instituting a safety pledge for all employees and holding everyone accountable for workplace safety.

Reducing work related incidents Reducing work related incidents

During a year clearly marked by the pandemic, the importance of workplace safety has been brought even more to the forefront: Our Gallup annual engagement survey showed that 81% of our people feel safe at work during these challenging times. In a specific Covid-19 pulse survey leadership also received top marks for communications and helping team members feel prepared to do their job.

Creating conditions for an inclusive organization

We strive to be an inclusive and attractive employer, providing our people with a work environment where they feel safe,respected, and able to develop their full potential. Our diverse customer base should be reflected in our workforce and management teams. We are encouraging courageous conversations, unconscious bias training, and sharing experiences across our network.

Ambition 2030


representation, opportunities and pay

Ina Strand

Chief People Officer and Leader of Couche-Tard’s sustainability efforts

We are turning courageous conversations into action to driving change and building a more inclusive workplace at ACT that reflects the diversity of our team members and customers. As an ally of our under-represented groups, I am proud of our progress this year to better understand our diverse populations and develop opportunities and pathways to a more equitable workplace.

Our Business Resource Groups (BRGs) Our Business Resource Groups (BRGs)

We have established a framework for meaningful action, consisting of voluntary employee-led groups (BusinessResource Groups, BRG) that support the fostering of a diverse and inclusive workplace. We are proud to see that multiple BRGs have been created during FY21. Each of these groups shares the commongoal of highlighting the benefits that diversity and unique perspectives bring to the workplace.


Talent & Leadership Development Talent & Leadership Development

December 2020, a diverse group of employees were nominated to represent the company at trainings and Leadership Forum in partnership with NACS, which brings together established leaders from the convenience and fuel industry to explore highimpact and meaningful approaches to the business and participate in building its future. We also sent participants to NACS Marketing, NACS Finance, NACS Women in Leadership and NACS Innovation Forums. February 2020, we launched the ACT Global Leadership Forum, an 18-month program to help our leaders grow into the next steps in their career.

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